About Us

Wildfire Networking is not your average networking group. We are a forum where successful people come together and support each other to become even more successful, but we also offer a place where lifetime friendships are forged. In fact, our motto is, "Join for the business, stay for the friends."

Wildfire is Unique

If we have to sum up our success in one word, we would choose "unique." Wildfire is unlike any other networking group for several reasons.

For one thing, we have been doing business with each other for over 20 years. Not many networking group in the Los Angeles area have been around that long. Not only have been around since 1993, when Wildfire was formed by a group of business people at the Sports Club/LA, but we have many members who have been with us more than fifteen years, something that is almost unheard of in other networking and business referral groups.

Another reason that we are unique is that we are not simply focused on referral numbers. While referrals are important, they are only a part of why people join and stay with Wildfire Networking. We are much more interested in a holistic approach to building a supportive network for you and your business than simply churning out referrals. In fact, our group has been referred to as a "finishing school for business people."

Wildfire is Effective

That is not to say that we do not value our referral process. In fact, we think it is the best one in Los Angeles! Our members come from every walk of life and enjoy the business referrals that come from occupying a protected niche within the organization. Once you are a member, no one else is allowed to join who is in the same business as you, ensuring that you get 100 percent of the referrals available from our group in your niche. For a list of current members, see our directory.

Not only is our process effective, it is also powerful. In 2014, our members received 6,811 business referrals. This is far more than most referral groups and shows a dedication on the part of members to the success of everyone in the group.


Wildfire is Established

Unlike many networking groups, Wildfire has been in existence for more than 20 years and offers members the stability of a well-established organization. Each of our founders and the leaders since their time have contributed significantly to building the group’s strength and resiliency, allowing us to offer new members a strong foundation from which to build new friendships and business relationships.

Our group has made significant strides in advancing the experience of our members. We have an online group management tool which tracks attendance, referrals and other group participation events. The group is designed to give its membership a chance to network aggressively with like-minded business entrepreneurs, and by smooth management allows each of them an efficient forum to explain how we can all support each other’s businesses. Each successive president and their Board of Directors have made Wildfire Networking a phenomenon in the networking world.

Please contact us if you are interested in having Wildfire market and grow your business. Please also contact us if we may serve as inspiration for your networking group or if you wish to start a new group.