Board and Committees

Board of Directors & Wildfire Committees

Wildfire Networking works well for its members because of the level of organization evident in every aspect of our group. From the Board of Directors to Committee Chairs to members, tasks flow smoothly because of our sensible organizational strategy.

Wildfire also offers members a chance to become part of the organization by joining various committees and working within the group to accomplish their goals. We know that everyone has different strengths and we want you, as a member, to utilize those strengths within our organization as well as develop new skills by becoming involved in committee work.

Board of Directors

Our organization's leadership starts at the top with our Board of Directors. This Board is responsible for the decisions and actions that form our group's core values and activities. All Committee members and chairs report directly to the Board of Directors.


Like the President, the Vice President is responsible for supervising the activities of the Board and Committee chairs. The Vice President must also be ready to act as President in case the need arises.

Current President: Barry Moser

Vice President

Like the President, the Vice President is responsible for supervising the activities of the Board and Committee chairs. The Vice President must also be ready to act as President in case the need arises.

Current Vice President: Robin Leonard


The Secretary records all information about Board of Directors meetings and supervises the recording of all activities of the group. The Secretary is responsible for keeping the records of the group in good order as well as communicating with those outside the group when necessary.

Current Secretary: Jess Perlman


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the group and keeps all records of payments, dues and other financial business as well as preparing reports as needed and when requested.

Current Treasurer: Mina Hermina

Referral Master

The Referral Master is responsible for organizing information about business referrals made by the group's members. Since Wildfire Networking members rely on good referrals for their businesses from other members, this is a very important position. The Referral Master handles recordkeeping for referrals and ensures that members get credit for the referrals they give.

Current Referral Master: Sam Rosenberg

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair oversees all aspects of membership for new and current Wildfire Members. This Board member's job includes handling applications for membership, conducting voting and keeping records of actions taken on membership issues.

Current Membership Chair: Dennis Smith


The Member-at-Large is tasked with representing the membership at the board meetings, and to bring membership concerns before the board. The Member-at-Large makes weekly reports to the group as a reminder of the position, and services. They preside over the Concierge , Speaker Assistance, and Think Tank committees.

Current Member-at-Large: Rachel Partiali

Past President

The immediate past president is always a member of the Board of Directors in order to ensure continuity in the organization.

Current Past President: Sigmund Thomas


Committees are the lifeblood of our organizational system. Everyone has a chance to be a member of a committee and to sharpen his or her own leadership skills by working with other Wildfire Members in a common cause.

Members have opportunities to serve on many different committees covering a wide range of abilities and interests. These committees offer our group members opportunities to become involved in many different areas of the organization and to utilize different types of skills. These committees also keep our organization running smoothly and benefit all of our members.

For example, the After-Hours Committee directs social events such as mixers. Members of this committee play an important role in the social life of the group. The Awards Committee creates and administers various member awards and tracks eligibility of members for these awards. The Concierge Committee appoints and trains greeters for weekly meetings, and the Ethics Committee maintains and enforces all ethics standards for the group. There are Committees for Mentors, Members-at-Large and many other member categories. As you can see, there are committees for almost every task imaginable to keep the group functioning smoothly, and as a member you can be part of this important process.

At Wildfire Networking, it is easy to become involved at every level of the group's organization. Come join us and improve your leadership skills while you enjoy networking with colleagues in every type of business!