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1What are some of the benefits of belonging to Wildfire Networking?

By joining Wildfire Networking, you will enjoy the following:

  • Belonging to one of the largest referral groups in Los Angeles.
  • Being part of a sales force of more than 100 dedicated business people who will promote your business and refer friends, families, colleagues and other firms to you.
  • Enjoy marketing your business without having to pay commissions.
  • Belonging to a group dedicated to the idea of expanding your bottom line!
  • Being part of a large group that will become colleagues, advisers and great friends.
2What should I expect from referral networking?
  • Because referral networking is a unique and more personal way of marketing your business, it requires learning a whole new set of skills.
  • The most important asset you have in Wildfire Networking is your reputation.
  • Because it takes time to become well known in the chapter, referrals might not come immediately. This is a long-term commitment. However, the more people who know and feel comfortable with you and your services, the sooner your telephone will ring.  When that happens, you will see tips/referrals with your name on them.
3A member can only represent one single business category. Why is this?
Wildfire believes that avoiding competition between members is the best way to promote positive peer relationships. By having only one person per category, you are given all the referrals for that category.  Unlike most networking groups, there are no conflicts between the members over referrals.
4How do I know if I'm a good fit for this group?
Although we strive to make our group accessible for a wide range of business owners, Wildfire Networking is not for everyone.  Only you can determine if it will be right for your business.  By coming to two meetings, you get a chance to network with members who might be good business “power partners.”  You will hear us all talk about our businesses in our infomercials. Our lively atmosphere is another attractive element for joining our group.  Many people join because of our referral record: in the past year, we generated over $3.5 million in sales for our group members through the power of networking.  However, it is important that you feel comfortable with the members and that they feel comfortable with you, so attending a meeting is a great way to find out what we are all about.
5Can I just show up at any meeting?

No. You must be invited by a member or go to the "Contact" page on this website. If you have questions, contact us and we will arrange for you to attend a meeting or event.

6How often do you meet?
Once a week on Friday mornings. As a member, you are required to attend a certain number of meetings per quarter. Additionally, there are opportunities for Power Lunches, Mixers and After Hours Events.
7Are there social gatherings?
Yes.  We find that occasionally networking in a less formal environment allows members to get to know each other better.  Mixers hosted by the group encourage members and their guests to meet for dinner or drinks in a relaxed, unstructured setting. Our After-Hours Program also allows members to set up their own informal get-togethers. These are truly relaxing and enjoyable events and build camaraderie and friendship between our members.
8What exactly is an “infomercial”?
An infomercial is an “elevator pitch” addressed to 85-100 of your friends describing who you are, what you do and how you can serve your customers and clients so that they will keep you in their minds and either use your services or refer people to you. This is designed to be kept short, pithy and catchy.
9What are Power Lunches?
A Power Lunch is a meeting at a local restaurant where you meet other members in a smaller and more casual group than the weekly meetings. Power Lunches are a great way to get to know other members better and help them understand your particular business.
10What can I do to speed up recognition of my business and my services?
After you are voted in, you can get involved in committees and attend Power Lunches. Power Lunches are a great way to convey information about your business in an informal environment.  You will have longer “infomercial” time and can casually talk with four to 15 members so they get to know you better. We recommend you attend as many lunches as possible in order to spread the word about your business, particularly when you first join.
11Am I expected to visit all the members at their businesses? Would this help?
You are not expected to visit all members, though it is to your advantage to get to know as many members as possible. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you visit at least the members in fields that are directly related to your own and make every attempt to attend social gatherings that focus on your area of expertise.
12What are the committees with which I can I get involved in?
There are quite a few.  A brief description can be found on the Board/ Committees page under the “About” section and when you join you can talk to us about your unique skills and qualifications. We have plenty of opportunities for you to be involved!
13What if I cannot attend all of the meetings?
Attending meetings is a very important part of being a Wildfire member. This is how we connect, keep up with what is going on in the group and give each other the support we need to succeed. Therefore, attendance at weekly meetings is mandatory with a few exceptions.

If you can’t make a meeting, you simply notify the Vice-President. You can also have an alternate represent you for no more than two consecutive meetings per quarter.  Alternates must be approved by the board and they cannot represent you more than six times a year.

14Why can't I wear blue jeans to the meetings?
Because we are a professional organization, we dress accordingly. Business attire is appropriate at all gatherings unless otherwise specified.
15Why do I get a bill from Wildfire Networking?
You get a bill from Wildfire Networking quarterly which pays for your breakfast and any incidentals.