Member Benefits

Power Lunches

Power Lunches offer members a way to skyrocket their referral rate. Power Lunches are where the action really happens! Learn to work the Power Lunches and you will see the numbers of referrals to you climb dramatically. They are also where you get to know your fellow Wildfire members on a deep and meaningful level. Plan on attending plenty of Power Lunches; you will find the number of your referrals going up.
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Network With Members and Meet New Guests

We believe in the power of networking. We believe that one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal is your ability to connect with others who will refer business to you because you refer business to them as well. In fact, we think the simple act of referring your customers to other good businesses builds your credibility with your customer base and makes you a better business person, regardless of the outcome of those referrals. Most customers take referrals seriously and use those businesses, but even when your customers choose someone else, they will remember your recommendation. Referrals to and from other businesses make you a better professional, no matter what your business type.

For this reason, we believe that networking with members on a weekly basis is critical. We have attendance requirements because meeting others regularly is a key to developing your business and getting referrals. Weekly meetings are a great benefit for you as you get to know our membership!

Expo Your Business
A great advantage of being a Wildfire member is the consistent opportunity to showcase your business in various ways to a receptive audience. At the weekly Friday meetings, members are given a chance to exhibit their businesses. At a table display they can show case their business, hand out business cards, give demonstrations or present members with coupons or other informational brochures to hand to their clients. This is a great way for members to see what other businesses do and to break the ice with your new colleagues.
At each meeting every member and guest is given the opportunity to talk briefly about their business and what a good referral is for them. We call this giving an informercial. We all have the chance to refine the way we describe what we do and make it entertaining.
Speaking Presentation
Another benefit of the weekly meetings is the opportunity to speak about your company to an audience of close to 100 business owners like you. Once you have given an exhibition you will be asked to give a presentation. This is a 10 minutes briefing of your business presented to the group at large that explains what you do. Keep it short and simple and other members will begin to refer customers to you!

Membership Discounts and/or Prioritization

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a Wildfire Networking member is the membership discounts and prioritization of services you receive from other members. Because we have dozens of members, each involved in a different line of business, it is likely that someone in the group does almost anything you need done! Whether you are looking for professional services or skilled trade service, Wildfire members will provide superior, fast and friendly work and because you are part of the group they will give you VIP treatment – after all, their reputation depends on that.
Why We Have Them

Power Lunches are a member benefit that truly provides advantages for those who attend. Unlike our regular weekly meetings, Power Lunches are small. You have more time to talk to each person there and to network on a deeper level. You also have more time to talk about your business and you will find out more about the businesses of others who attend. We can safely say that those who regularly attend Power Lunches are the most successful of our members.

Every Power Lunch is led by a member with experience in Wildfire Networking. Your lunch leader will introduce you if you are new, help you get conversations started with others who attend and will moderate the flow of conversation so that everyone gets a chance to participate.

You can choose which Power Lunches you attend and can attend one or as many more as you like in a given month.

Attend a Lunch
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Business Skill Development

One of the advantages of being a Wildfire member is the fact that we truly care about your development as a business professional. To this end, Wildfire Networking does not simply ask people to speak at our weekly meetings to fill up our calendar. Instead, we require every member to speak in order to develop presentation and speaking skills by practicing with an understanding audience.

We know that speaking in public can be difficult, especially for business people who are not required to do so on a daily basis. However, public speaking is a skill that every business person needs, so we add this requirement to our membership conditions so that every business owner, no matter who he or she is, will have the opportunity to develop these speaking skills.

Mixers & Events

An enjoyable aspect of Wildfire Networking is the variety of events held each month for members and their guests. Mixers, for example, allow everyone to get together in a very informal way and enjoy some time away from work, relaxing and getting to know each other better. Other events may be scheduled at member requests that allow members to meet on an informal basis for fun activities such as soccer, horseback riding or an outing on a boat. Some of these events allow family members to attend as well.

There are, of course, formal business-related events and dinners held by Wildfire as well. Whatever events you attend, be sure that you will be surrounded by others who want to help you make your business a success and want your help in promoting theirs, as well.

A calendar of events can be found here.

Back Office Engine

One of the best things about being a Wildfire member is the fact that you are part of a well-organized group that offers you useful information, referrals and even awards for your participation. What keeps Wildfire running smoothly is the underlying software platform that keeps track of events, speakers and other important information. As a Wildfire member, you benefit from the structure offered by Back Office Engine, an easy-to-use system that helps you keep up with everything going on in Wildfire Networking quickly and easily.

In the "good old days" when Wildfire Networking first started, we kept all of our records by hand. However, as we continued to grow and technology became more accessible, the burden of maintaining hand written records was relieved and the search for contact information was enhanced using digital data. Members demanded a platform through which they could easily communicate and find information instantly.

Today, we use Back-Office Engine to meet these needs. This unique software allows members to log in to our website and find what they need quickly and simply. Back-Office Engine is the answer to our member's demands for an up-to-date management system.

What it Does

Back-Office Engine handles a multitude of tasks for our members. When they log in, members are able to access a number of features that allow them to schedule events or confirm attendance; communicate with other members; review information on committees; and find the dates, times and locations of all the organized events held by Wildfire. Speakers can confirm their times and dates for speaking at weekly meetings, as well.

How it Works

Back-Office Engine is a login-based system that allows members to keep up with everything going on in Wildfire Networking.