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Barry Moser C.P.A.

Willing & Moser Accountancy Corp.

Accountant: C.P.A.

Are you looking for ways for your small business to minimize taxes and maximize profits? Or are you confused by the ever-changing tax laws in regard to how they affect your business? Perhaps you own a nonprofit business that receives government grants and, therefore, needs a certified audit or have the need to file nonprofit tax returns. No matter what your needs, you can now take away the worry, fear and anxiety by calling Barry Moser of Willing & Moser, A.C.

Barry not only provides tax planning and preparation for every type of return, but also overall peace of mind. That’s because he puts over 30 years of experience to work for you – as well as his amazing ability to understand your business’s specific needs. No matter if you’re facing individual, partnership, corporate or fiduciary returns, Barry can help. Plus, he can assist small to medium-sized businesses with financial statements (whether a compilation, review or audit for any industry, including single audits, HUD audits or mortgage brokers).

Tax planning is also a specialty of Barry’s, as is preparing various financial statements. Barry takes time to find out what your specific goals are in regard to profit and loss as well as growth. He then tailors a tax program (as well as preparation, etc.) exclusively to your business’ needs.

Call Barry to put his expert tax planning and preparation services to work for your business today.

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