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Cathy Cahill

Cahill Physical Therapy, Inc.

Medical: Physical Therapist

Is persistent or residual pain from orthopedic, neurological, sports or other injuries keeping you from fully functioning in daly activities – or even holding you back from living and enjoying life to the fullest? Let trusted Physical Therapist Cathy Cahill put her 20 years of expert experience and knowledge to work for you and your injuries.

Cathy’s caring yet dynamic style has helped hundreds of patients overcome seemingly impossible pains and injuries throughout the years. She utilizes many effective methods along with her GYROTONIC® program and other ergonomic therapies. She also provides extensive bodywork, therapeutic techniques, joint mobilization and therapeutic modalities that serve to relieve pain, increase fluidity and get you back to your previous activity levels in a shorter time period than you might imagine.

Cathy can also use her varied skills and vast knowledge to create fun and effective physical therapy, exercise and wellness programs for small groups as well as corporations. No matter if your needs are individual or group-based, Cathy can construct a program tailored exclusively to your needs and physical level.

Don’t spend another day trying to ignore the pain that’s holding you back or keeping you from enjoying life. Call Cathy today and find out how she can help you stop the pain once and for all.

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