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Donna Wolfe

Donchka Travel

Travel Consultant

Wouldn’t it be great to feel like the family in the commercials, where everyone is smiling and experiencing new, fun things in exciting locations? Donna Wolfe with Donchka Travel knows exactly what’s needed for the vacation that until now, you’ve only been able to dream about.

Looking for adventure, romance, luxury?

Donna has the credentials and unique ability to take anyone anywhere. Her competent travel experience and buying power get you the lowest prices, and the extra perks, benefits, and amenities you desire most.

Are you a:

  • Thrill seeker, sports enthusiast, art lover?
  • Corporate traveler?
  • Romantic couple looking for one night, or several?
  • A family desiring vacation or reunion?

Donna makes sure every detail is arranged exactly as you picture it. From destination weddings, to African safaris and hiking in Macchu Pichu, Peru; Donna can make it happen. She makes herself available to you from the planning stages, during the trip, and afterward. Cruises, accommodations, travel arrangements, and tours are specialized to your needs.

It may sound too good to be true, but Donchka Travel will amaze you! Donna’s professional consulting and services are free, and your travel experience will be priceless. Don’t wait another day to call Donna Wolfe at Donchka Travel; plan your get-away now!

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