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Jeffrey Fritz

Coldwell Banker

Real Estate: Residential

Confused by all the ups and downs taking place with today’s residential real estate market? Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, invest or lease, turn to trusted and experienced real estate expert Jeffrey Fritz of Coldwell Banker to make all of your current and future real estate endeavors successful ones.

After just one call, you’ll discover Jeffrey offers more than just typical consultation. His innovative and aggressive style is just right for today’s market and will benefit your transactions every step of the way. Jeffrey was one of the first Ecobrokers to be certified in California, thus he can provide you with all the tools necessary to thoroughly analyze your potential investments. Jeffrey can also act as a conduit between landlords and tenants. As an investor himself, Jerry knows all aspects of today’s complicated market.

While everyone else around you is panicking about the current state of the real estate market, Jeffrey will show you that it’s actually a great market that offers numerous options – making it an amazing time to step up and maximize on earned equity. And the best part? Jeffrey makes every step – as well as every part of the process – simple and easy to understand.

Get in touch with Jeffrey to take the mystery out of – and give you the most benefits of – today’s real estate market.

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