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Rick Baum Esq.

Law Offices of Richard T. Baum

Attorney: Bankruptcy Law

In tough economic times, many people turn to credit cards and bank loans to see their way through. During good times, business people take risks. When monetary conditions don’t improve, they could find themselves with more liabilities than assets… and bankruptcy may be the only alternative.

If this describes you, Rick Baum, at the Law Offices of Richard T. Baum, may be the person you need to contact. Rick offers professional advice and representation in all aspects of bankruptcy law and procedure. He will analyze your financial condition, explain the effects of bankruptcy, and advise you of any alternatives.

If bankruptcy is your only avenue, Rick will suggest the most appropriate chapter, exemptions, and remedies for your individual situation. And if bankruptcy protection is not a viable option, he will provide effective representation in Debtor-Creditor matters. If you’re facing critical financial conditions, contact Rick Baum today.

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