1. Jeanie Edwards (CRP, First Aid. and disaster preparation) thanks Seda Rashidi of Seda’s Printing for designing and making labels, with which she’s super happy.

Lindsey Preissner recommends Dennis Smith our plumber. Dennis fixed the plumbing in her shower, so cold water no longer dripped onto her husband’s feet while he showered.  Priceless!

  1. Derek Jones(Insurance) is referring a client who was hit by a car to Jeffrey Nadrich, Personal Injury Attorney. Jeffrey is taking good care of Derek’s client.

Jesus Hernandez transformed Gerry Keogh’s car.  Gerry says “it looks like a Ferrari now.  It used to be a Honda.”  

Rick Baum

Law Offices of Richard T. Baum

Rick Baum is thrilled with Nick Mendoza, Electrical Contractor’s work on rewiring the entire house, putting spotlights in the living room to perfectly light Rick’s art, of which he is very proud, and now Rick can properly admire his art’s beauty every evening, when he relaxes at home.
  1. Rick Baum thanked Ricki Lewis for pulling together a family event with Michael Greenfield who provided music, Lorraine Eastman whose beautiful flowers adorned the event, and Justin Sloggatt who filmed the event and then edited it, fabulously. He said the food Ricki organized was amazing.  What Rick says that every one of our professionals turned out so perfectly that the celebration was ever more memorable.
  2. Rick Baum, bankruptcy attorney, says for years he’s been using Jesus Hernandez, of The Perfect Detail, to take care of his car’s looks… and his car looks brand new even though it’s ten years old. Jesus knows how to take care of Rick’s car.

Scott Gilbert referred Kamran Nazarian to a group of 150 people in January.  Kamran made all the people feel comfortable and took great photos of them.

Miche Lamarche


Miche Lamarche recommends Dr. Aaron Orpelli, Allergy Elimination for being an accomplished expert in testing, being very thorough in his work and very effective in his treatments.

Cathe Caraway-Howard

Law Offices of Cathe Caraway-Howard

Cathe Caraway-Howard, employment attorney, thanks Barbara Wolford, Private Investigator – directly quoting, “a bad ass lawyer needs a bad ass private investigator.” Cathe Caraway Howard(employment Attorney) says " I would never use anyone else as a court reporter than Robin Leonard(Court Reporter)

  1. Martin Horwitz, Business Attorney, says he’s benefitted from Robin Leonard, Court Reporter, and the thirty depositions she helped coordinate. Martin says that if he had to name only one benefit he got from this networking group, it would be meeting Robin Leonard.

Dr. Neil McLeod DDS


Not only is “Wildfire” a well established and mature business networking club providing a broad based source of referrals for its members, it is also a professional finishing school familiarizing each member with their fellow members’ businesses. Participating makes us all more knowledgeable and competent in the business community.
  1. Dr Neil McLeod acknowledged Grant Norris (Mortgage Broker) for helping Neil refinance his house. With this refinancing, Neil was able to pay for his children’s college and more. Grant not only makes it happen, but makes it right.

Sam Rosenberg

Senior Consulting

I have been a member of this amazing group of business professions for 15 years. Over the years not only have I seen my business thrive but more importantly the experience, knowledge and friendship I've acquired is immeasurable. I count my joining this special group, as one of the smartest most rewarding decision I've ever made in my life.

.     Louis Hirsch thanks Nick Mendoza for referrals on all those Houck jobs, plus he’s thanking Gary Loeb for correcting the problem they had on the marketing items that came in- Gary is standing by his work and the items will be in on time.  Nothing like working with the very best professionals.
  1. Louis Hirsch of Parker Lighting thanks Nick Mendoza, electrician, for keeping Louis on his projects: they’re doing a spa next.
  2. Louis Hirsch, Lighting, with Parker lighting thanks , Gary Loeb ,Advertising Specialties, for the awesome pens he made for him. Every week Louis puts out his pens in the meetings he goes to, and everyone wants one.  This is how people will remember Louis when it comes time to find a lighting expert

  1. Tommy Power, (Personal Trainer) thanks Cathy Cahill(Physical therapy) for her referrals to him and recommends

Jeffrey Nadrich thanks Cathe Cahill (Employment Attorney) for a referral to his Personal Injury services

Nick Mendoza (electrician), praised Gary Loeb who branded his work tee-shirts, and they look amazing.  Thank you Gary!

Nick Mendoza (Electrician)thanked Martin Horwitz (Business Attorney)for bringing Susan Patterson(General Contractor) in the group.  Nick continues to get referrals from Houck Construction.

.     Nick Mendoza thanked Houck Construction for the number of amazing referrals they have been giving him- big referrals, both commercial and home

  1. Brian Whitney(Financial Planner) referred someone to Tony Santarelli(immigration attorney) for immigration help—the individual has been in the country for nine years and can’t believe how much money he wasted before getting to the right attorney, Tony.

Gary Loeb gave Donna Wolfe a $75,000 sale from a family purchasing Donna’s travel services. Gary Loeb is working on branding bags for a show that Louis Hirsch is going to in April
  1. Gary Loeb recommended Donna Wolfe who organized a cruise for his mother and family members, they’re excited to go.

Jess Perlman thanked Cleveland Morris of Drain Rooting and Clearing for fixing his drain and toilet, on the double.

Claudia Preciado (Care Giving)referred to Dennis Smith (Plumber) through Next Door and the recipient of Dennis’ Plumbing Services gave a rave review  

Katherine Blake

Transworld Systems Inc.

Katherine Blake experienced Dr. Aaron Orpelli, Allergy Elimination work and recommends him highly. She says everyone should pay him a visit because his intake, history, and exam are very thorough, and the outcome is fantastic.

Adamm thanked and recommended Gary Loeb for the magnificent embroidered polo shirts for himself and his crew.

Adamm Gritlefeld

Adamm's Stained Glass & Gallery

Adamm Gritlefeld (art glass) complimented Don Van Cura on his impeccable work as a handyman, and praised Louis Hirsch for ideal LED lights, which made Adamm’s wife very pleased.   .     Adamm Gritelfeld (art glass) worked on the stain glass in a celebrity home this week, and referred to Don Van Cura, handyman, and Nick Mendoza, electrician, Gerry Keogh (tile) and together they took great care of the client.

Jose A. Diaz

J.A.D. Roofing, Inc.

One thing I will never regret is becoming a member of this business network, not only has it helped me grow my business but it made me a better business man. Having over 80 successful business professionals in a group is just the beginning of a long term business journey. Jose Diaz  our roofer praised Tal Sharifi’s locksmith services because Jose got locked in his building, and Tal got him out.

Adamm thanked Nick Mendoza (Electrician) for the excellent work he did installing LED lighting  on the historic stained glass windows he restored in the west Adams Historic District.

Ricki Lewis says of Chris Furman “without this guy, this business would have come to a screeching halt!”  

Michael Simmons (Business Insurance) alternate, Pamela Anderson’s car is usually a disaster but thanks to Jesus Hernandez(Automobile Detailing) of the Perfect Detail her car looks gorgeous and looks better than when it was brand new.

Vivian Williams

Dex Media

Vivian Williams , On-line Advertising, sent her daughter to Dr. Aaron Orpelli, Allergy Elimination, and he is helping her overcome a dog allergy.
  1. Vivian Williams, On-Line Advertising, with Dex Media, has a friend who is going into bankruptcy. Vivian referred her friend to Rick Baum, bankruptcy attorney, and assured him Rick will be accountable because Vivian sees him every week. That’s what this group is about: we are accountable to one another in many ways.

David Blattel thanks Cathy Cahill (Physical Therapy), Bill Nojima (Chiropractor) and Lisa Paschall (Massage) for teaming up to fix his shoulder injury

Kendric Rollins thanked Kate Aldin for a referral to someone with a DUI.
  1. Kendric Rollins, criminal law attorney, thanks Rick Baum, Bankruptcy attorney for referring a criminal case to Kendric… the case was so tangible to Kendric, that he gifted Rick a bottle of wine. Thank you Rick.

Adamm Gritlefeld (ART Glass)thanked and recommended Nick Mendoza(Electrician) for the magnificent job he did installing LED lighting to accent the historic stained glass windows he restored in the West Adams historic District

  1. Bryan Angstman, Carpet Cleaning,  of Green Carpet Cleaning thanks Grant Norris, mortgage broker, for the refinancing his home.
  2. Bryan Angstman , Carpet Cleaning, also thanks Dan Van Cura, Handyman,  for the work he did. While Don was there, he tweaked Bryan’s heater, this saving Bryan $$$ -because Bryan was just about to replace it.

Grant Norris (Mortgage Broker) and Jeff Fritz (Residential Real Estate) helped secure two properties for Barry Moser (CPA) that had over 10 offers on them.   Grant and Jeff are a great team: Jeff knows the real estate market and Grant will set up your mortgage.

Cathy Cahill acknowledged Arnon Tassa of Dragonfly Exercise Equipment Repair, who came to her house and made her equipment run smoothly. Cathy Cahill asked Dr. Aaron Orpelli, Allergy Elimination to make a house call when she was feeling out of sorts, and now she feels more energy than ever.

.     Dennis Smith got a letter from a picky customer.   When he opened and read it, the letter thanked him for recommending Javier Cesar and his team, because they were fabulous, and that in 70 years as a homeowner, he’d never met such a top notch group of professionals.

Jess Perlman(Automobile Sales) helped the daughter of Grant Norris’s(Mortgage Broker) good friend get a new car, who then referred Jess to his friend from New Jersey whose daughter recently moved to L.A., and Jess is delivering her new car today!